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TransferNow is a free file transfer service. Through its use, you can transfer up to 4 GB of data to friends by email or generate a share link exchangeable on forums and social networks.
TransferNow also has a free member area (TransferNow Pro) to effectively manage its transfer and contacts lists. In addition, the offer allow you to upload up to 5 GB of large files and to have access to a broad pannel of features (setting up email, reminder emails, post-transfer changes,...).

Launch of the project

TransferNow is launched in June 2013 on 5 key values : free, performance, innovation, transparency and confidentiality of the data.

June 2013 Find out more

Increase of the traffic

Traffic is increasing quickly and there is a need for improvement. TransferNow is first of all translated into English, then German and Italian so that it becomes accessible to as much people as possible.

January 2015

Redesign of the service and members area

After two years of activity, the service has been entirely rethought. It remains faithful to its initial values but offers from now on a space for members offering much more freedom to regular users.

September 2015

Coming soon

In light of the growing success of this interface, new features are provided: mobile apps, web browser extensions, file storage, etc. Plus, a new service that will make you see file transffering in a whole new light... But we won't say more :)