Frequently asked questions

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  • General questions
  • Why use TransferNow?

    We offer a unique, secure, fast and reliable service to easily send and share your files with your friends, family and co-workers.All the files that pass through our service are hosted in metropolitan France and are confidential. Additionally, our privacy policy is clear: we do not sell or distribute our users' data.
  • Do I have to register to use TransferNow?

    No registration is required to use our file transfer service. You can use our service for free to send files to your contacts or to get a sharing link easily.We offer our users a Premium service that allows them to take advantage of higher transfer limits (20 GB per transfer, 50 recipients per transfer, files available for 30 days to download - with the possibility of prolonging the availability before it expires -, a transfer manager, an address book and lists of contacts, customization of transfers: integration of your logo and wallpapers, notifications of transfers with your colors, etc.).
  • Can I recover an expired file transfer?

    Once a file transfer has expired, it is automatically and permanently deleted from our servers. It is therefore technically impossible to recover the expired files.
  • Do you view my files?

    No, we do not look at what you send, unless an abuse is reported and the files are in contradiction with our Terms of Use.
  • Do you use my email address?

    We do not sell nor do we distribute the data of our users to third-party entities.
  • Do you store information about me?

    We store information (e-mail address, IP address, language, browser used...) necessary for our service to function properly with your account, whether you are a guest user or a TransferNow Premium account holder. This information is also used for safety reasons and to allow us to create stats on our service so we can improve it.
  • Is my information safe?

    We personally ensure the safety and confidentiality of the files you send. In order to guarantee the safety and privacy of your data, all intra-site communication is done through HTTPS (SSL protocol).
  • Do you use cookies?

    We use cookies to improve user experience (email address auto-complete, language choice, etc.) We also use Google Analytics (to create stats), which uses its own cookies (find out more).
  • Where are you based?

    TransferNow is a French file sharing service. All developments are done in France.
  • Where are your servers?

    Our files used to be stored in the Netherlands. But since April 2017, all of our files are hosted at Online in France.
  • Send files
  • Which file extensions do accept?

    All file extensions are allowed, except for executable files (*.exe) and hidden files (files starting with a ".").
  • What is the maximum size allowed for a file or a transfer?

    You can upload up to 4GB per transfer as a guest user and 20GB as a TransferNow Premium member. There is no size limit per file. We use Gigabytes as opposed to Gibibytes as a file measure.
  • How long will my files remain online?

    As a guest user, the default setting is that your files remain online for 7 days. As a TransferNow Premium user, your files are available for 30 days (default settings), and you can renew availability for 10, 20, or 30 days without limits from your Premium user interface.
  • How many files can I transfer per day?

    As a guest user, you may transfer up to 3 files an hours. As a TransferNow Premium user, you may transfer as many files as you want.
  • Why is the upload so slow?

    We do not limit the file upload speed. This is probably due to your internet connection. For example, with ADSL, file uploads will take on average 8 times longer that downloads (asymmetric rate), which is not true of fiber optic connection.
  • Can I upload a directory or folder?

    You can choose to send files or a folder (depending on the compatibility and version of your internet browser). You can also create an archive (zip, rar, ...) on your computer and then upload it.
  • Can I add a list of contacts?

    As a guest, you can copy/paste a contact list (contacts must be separated by ";") in the "recipients" field. E-mail addresses will then be automatically detected. If you have a TransferNow Premium account, you can create contact lists from your user interface.
  • Can I delete my files before the scheduled expiry date?

    You can only manually remove a file transfer if you have a TransferNow Premium account.
  • Downloading files
  • Do I need a TransferNow Premium account to download files?

    You can use TransferNow for free and without registration whether you upload or download files. You just have to use an up to date internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera...) and have the download link to get the files.
  • Do I need to install software to download files?

    TransferNow is available directly from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari...) without any software installation or system requirements.
  • Why is the download slow?

    We limit the download speed to 5 MB/s (40 Mbps), in order to best distribute speed among our users. We are committed to ensure a download speed of 1 MB/s at peak use times. If you do not reach this speed, it can be because of your internet connection. You can try restarting your modem/router or check if a firewall is blocking the service.
  • The files were downloaded successfully, but I can't find them.

    They can be in your download folder (Downloads) or on your desktop. If you still do not find, use the search function on your computer.
  • I can't open the downloaded .zip folder.

    We automatically create a zip file with the format: TransferNow -, if the sender did specify a subject or name for the file transfer. If the sender specified a subject or name for the file transfer, then the .zip comprising all of the files will have a custom name. To extract the files, need you help from a software. We recommend this free software: 7zip on Windows and The Unarchiver for Mac.You can also choose to only download the files you need.
  • TransferNow Premium
  • How can I reset my password?

    To reset your password, click on log in in the top right of your screen then lost password. Then enter your e-mail address to receive an e-mail notification telling you how to reset your password.If you haven't received email from us, it may that the e-mail address you entered is incorrect and isn't the same as the address you used when creating your account.Don't forget to check your SPAM / PROMOTIONS folder, our e-mail might be there depending on the email service you use.
  • What are the available payment methods?

    TransferNow accepts the following payment methods:
    • PayPal
    • Visa / MasterCard / AMEX
  • Can I pay on a monthly basis?

    We offer monthly or yearly payment options for our memberships. You can choose the option that suits you best, but please note that you can have a 15% discount if you choose the yearly membership.
  • Where can I find a receipt for my payment?

    Sign in to your account and:
    • Go to the My account menu and click on My bills
    A list of your transactions including various information related to your subscriptions and a link to view your invoices will be displayed.
  • How do I update my payment method?

    Sign in to your account and:
    • Go to My profile
    • In the My profile section, click on Membership
    • Click Update your payment method
  • How to cancel my Premium membership?

    Sign in to your account and:
    • Go to My profile
    • In the My profile section, click on Membership
    • Click on Unsubscribe
    Your Premium membership will automatically expire on the set date and will not be renewed.
  • Do you keep my information after cancelling my membership?

    We keep the all your information linked to your transfers and sent/received/expired links, the contacts in your address book, and your contact lists in case you would like to renew your membership.Your custom profile (custom web address / sub-domain, your wallpapers and logos) is kept for 7 days before it's deleted.To keep your custom profile, you must have an active TransferNow Premium account.
User manual
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