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Sharing and sending large files to one or more contacts by email:

1) Add your files by clicking on the icon of the service (or later, by clicking on the "+" or just drag and drop your files)
2) Add your email
3) Add the email address of one or more contacts (one per line or separate them with a semicolon ";")
4) Add a message (optional - up to 1500 characters for guests and 2500 for members)
5) Change the expiration date of your transfer by using the blue bar with cursors (optional)
6) Differ the transfer sending by choosing the date (optional - sending automatically set at 8:30 GMT)
7) Click on Validate to lock the sending of the large documents
When your sending of large files is completed, the link is displayed.

You will also receive a recap email of your file sharing.

Members will receive a new email 48 hours before files expire, informing them about the people downloading them and suggesting them to keep them only for longer.
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