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Secure hosting and storage of your files with TransferNow

Learn how TransferNow ensures maximum security for your files through secure hosting and storage. Performance, privacy, and data integrity are guaranteed thanks to our globally distributed cloud infrastructure.

Based on your geolocation, we store your files as close to you as possible. You also have the option to choose a specific storage region based on your usage.

Secure Hosting and File Storage – TransferNow

The security of your files is our priority

Take advantage of our global cloud infrastructure for secure file sending and receiving. Your files are stored as close to you as possible – we detect your geographic location to automatically offer you the nearest storage region for your files. Maximize privacy, performance, and speed.

For example, if you are in France or Germany, your files are stored in Western Europe in one of our storage regions. If you are in Canada or the United States, your files are stored on the North American continent. If you are in Brazil or Mexico, your files are stored on the South American continent. If you are in India, China, or Singapore, your files are stored in one of our storage regions on the Asian continent.

Files stored closest to you

Depending on where you are to send and share files, we select one of our data centers closest to you.

Choose a specific storage region

With a TransferNow account, you can choose to force a specific storage region for yourself – and your users if you use a Team account or higher.

Encryption of stored files

Benefit from the encryption of your stored files at rest with server-side encryption (SSE-C) – even we, as platform administrators, cannot view your files.

Password protection

Protect access to the download of your file transfers with a password to strengthen control over and access to your confidential documents.

We offer a transfer template to pre-configure all your shipments or those of your users. Enhance the security of your exchanges and increase productivity.

Antivirus security check and analysis

When you send or receive files with TransferNow, we conduct various security analyses thanks to our powerful algorithms.

We also perform an analysis with an antivirus solution to detect and eliminate malicious files upfront, thereby preventing their spread.

Expired transfers? Files permanently deleted!

When you voluntarily delete a file transfer or a document transfer expires, we permanently remove your files from our secure cloud infrastructure. The files are technically unrecoverable for reasons of transparency, security, and privacy towards our users.

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