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Reliable, simple and fast - secure file transfer with TransferNow

Discover TransferNow's advanced security measures to protect your large files and documents – SMS or App Authentication, TLS encryption for communications in transit, and AES encryption for stored files (SSE-C), regular security audits and penetration testing, password protection for transfers. Your files are safe, without exception.

Secure File Transfer

Security is natively integrated into all our tools

Whether sending or receiving large files, all our features are designed to provide maximum security and privacy. Your security and peace of mind are our commitment and our priority – thanks to an architecture designed to protect your personal information and your files under all circumstances.

Two-factor authentication

Enhance the security of your TransferNow account with two-factor authentication via SMS or an App with Authy, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator.

Encryption of data

Your data is encrypted during transfer (SSL/TLS) and while stored (AES 256 bits), within the most secure datacenters on the planet.

Security tests

From identifying vulnerabilities to regular penetration testing (pentesting), every risk is effectively minimized daily through our proactive approach.

Privacy by Design

Confidentiality is a priority built into the design of our file transfer solution from the start.

Our approach ensures that respecting your privacy is at the heart of our service, with advanced protection measures designed to secure your data from the first click.

Password protection

Protect access to your file transfers with a password to strengthen control over and access to your confidential documents.

We offer a transfer template to pre-configure all your or your users' shipments. Enhance the security of your exchanges and increase productivity.

Encryption of your files on the server side with SSE-C

Encrypt files stored on our servers with your own passphrase. Even we, as the administrators of TransferNow, cannot access your files.

We do not store your encryption key, and if it is lost, the files are then technically irrecoverable.

Antivirus security check and analysis

When you send or receive files with TransferNow, we carry out various security analyses thanks to our powerful algorithms.

We also perform an analysis with an antivirus solution to detect and remove malicious files upfront, thus preventing their spread and propagation.

Transfer expired? Files permanently deleted!

When you voluntarily delete a file transfer or when a document transfer has expired, we permanently remove your files from our secure cloud infrastructure. The files are technically unrecoverable due to our commitment to transparency, security, and privacy towards our users.

We do not practice hidden file retention – if you choose to delete a file transfer or when a transfer has expired, the files are deleted.

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