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How to receive files from your website?

Welcome to TransferNow, the simple and fast way to integrate a widget and receive files on your account directly from your website or any CMS solution. Customize your widget and the form fields, and receive files directly on your TransferNow account.

With a TransferNow account, you benefit from our comprehensive form builder to customize the reception of your files according to your use case.

Receive large files directly on your account


Create an account TransferNow

Create your user account to receive files from your website securely and directly to your account. As soon as files are available for download, you'll receive a notification in your mailbox.

Your received file transfers can also be viewed from your file transfer manager.


Customize your widget to receive files

Thanks to our comprehensive form generator, you can customize your widget's fields to suit your needs: text fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes and radiobuttons.

Perfect for collecting the information you need for your business while receiving large files.


Integrate your widget into your solution

Once you've set up your file-receiving widget, integrate a simple line of HTML code into your website or CMS and quickly start receiving files.

A closer look at receiving files from your website

Widget TransferNow

Create a custom form

Make the most of our comprehensive and intuitive form builder to construct a fully customized form.

Add the elements you need (text fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, and radio buttons) in the order of your choice to customize the reception of your files from your site or CMS.

Specify authorized file extensions

If you only wish to receive certain types of files, you can specify the file extensions you are willing to accept.

Add custom messages

To further enhance the reception of your files, you can add a message at the top or bottom of your form for receiving files. It's also possible to add a customized message once the file upload is complete.

Password-protect your received file transfers

For added security, automatically add a password to protect access to the download of received files.

Customize the metadata of your link to receive files

When you share your link to receive files on your account via messaging platforms like Slack, Teams, or WhatsApp, a title, a description, and an image appear. You have the option to specify a title, a description, and an image of your choice to make an even stronger impression.

Our widget to receive files from your site or CMS

Our secure, customizable widget for receiving files directly from your responsive website is compatible with all devices, including major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Google Sites, Typo3, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, and many more.

TransferNow Widget CMS WordPress
TransferNow Widget CMS Squarespace
TransferNow Widget CMS Drupal
TransferNow Widget CMS Contentful
TransferNow Widget CMS Joomla
TransferNow Widget CMS Blogger
TransferNow Widget CMS Wix
TransferNow Widget CMS Typo3
TransferNow Widget CMS HubSpot
TransferNow Widget CMS Shopify
TransferNow Widget CMS PrestaShop
TransferNow Widget CMS Magento
TransferNow Widget CMS SharePoint
TransferNow Widget CMS BigCommerce
TransferNow Widget CMS OpenCart
TransferNow Widget CMS Google Sites

Why choose TransferNow to receive files?

Since 2013, we have been offering a simple, effective, fast, and secure tool developed in Paris, France. Whether you're sending or receiving large files for personal use or delivering your projects and professional documents, we have the experience and the solution you need.

Simplicity just a click away

With TransferNow, get a widget to receive files directly from your website or CMS. Our intuitive interface makes creating your widget fast and effortless, even for the least experienced users.

Secure every transfer

Security is our priority. Every file transfer received with TransferNow benefits from end-to-end encryption, ensuring your data stays private and protected against any unauthorized access.

Speed and efficiency

Enjoy high transfer speeds for receiving your large files. With our advanced technology, reduce waiting time and swiftly download the documents, videos, and images you've received.

Your transfer, your way

Customize your widget as you see fit with our custom form builder. Add a password to protect access to the downloads of received files. TransferNow gives you control.

Everywhere with you

Receive and download the files received from any device. Whether you're on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, TransferNow is with you everywhere.

Manage your transfers efficiently

With TransferNow, enjoy a comprehensive transfer manager that includes advanced options. Organize, store, and access your sent and received files from a single location.

Everyone ❀ TransferNow to receive files

A comprehensive solution for sending and receiving large files

File reception
  • Request files by e-mail
  • Create a secure file drop link
  • Reception by link sharing (push)
  • Reception from your website (widget)
  • Custom form generator

User guides for send, request and receive files

A secure solution

The safety of your data is our priority

Where are TransferNow files hosted?

By using our service to send or receive your files you have a dedicated and secure global cloud infrastructure where files are stored and encrypted on disk (AES-XTS 256 bits) in datacenters (AICPA SOC 2 Type II) on the European, American and Asian continents.

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