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Secure global Cloud infrastructure - TransferNow technology

Discover how we ensure a highly available, simple, fast, and secure service through our global Cloud infrastructure and distributed using the latest cutting-edge technologies.


A robust and highly available global Cloud infrastructure

Since 2013, our Cloud infrastructure for sharing, sending, and receiving files of all sizes has significantly evolved over the years to enable us to effectively meet all use cases and the demands of our clients and users in terms of availability, reliability, and security.

Global Cloud Infrastructure

Whether you're in France or Germany, Canada or the US, Mexico or Brazil, or even in India, Japan, or Australia – we offer a highly available, fast, and efficient service.

A secure infrastructure

Our global Cloud infrastructure is regularly tested to ensure it's impervious to the latest security vulnerabilities. We also proactively work with cybersecurity researchers to ensure the security of our platform.

A scalable infrastructure for businesses

Thanks to its globally minded design, our highly available infrastructure is fully scalable, perfectly capable of scaling up according to the demands and prerequisites of businesses of all sizes, including the world's largest companies.

A proactive infrastructure

Every day, our solution for transferring large documents progresses thanks to significant growth fueled by our robust and secure infrastructure. TransferNow is constantly evolving, offering new features and improvements thanks to a competent and responsive team.

A fast infrastructure

Benefit from the best upload and download speeds thanks to our globally distributed infrastructure available around the world.

A multi-Cloud infrastructure

For enhanced security and privacy for our users, we've deliberately chosen to diversify our certified Cloud solution providers to optimize the availability of our infrastructure and the confidentiality of the data passing through it.

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