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WeTransfer vs TransferNow

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : free plan comparison

If your need is to send large files from time to time, the free version of TransferNow is for you.

Since 2013, TransferNow provides a free service that allows you to send up to 5 GB of large files per transfer, whereas on WeTransfer, you will be limited to only 2 GB.

At TransferNow, our global infrastructure allows us to provide you the best upload and download speeds for your files. Thanks to our cloud infrastructure, we do not limit the speed of uploads and downloads when you use our free service. The files you send are stored in France, as close to you as possible. With WeTransfer, your files are stored in Europe or the United States.

On TransferNow, the recipients of your email transfers will be able to view the images, stream the video and audio files, and view the documents such as the pdf files you send. On WeTransfer, recipients can only view image files.

On TransferNow, to make your transfer more easily identifiable, you can customize the download link. On WeTransfer, you will have to pay to customize the link.

At TransferNow, when you make an email transfer, we do the tracking for you and you get an email notification when one of your recipients downloads your files.

TransferNow is positioned as the European alternative to WeTransfer which is a service based in France and of Dutch origin.

Free plansWeTransferTransferNow
Max. size per transfer2 GB5 GB
File availability7 days7 days
Password protection
File previewimagesimages, videos, audios, PDF documents
Link customization
Files stored closest to you

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare our prices and our offers adapted to each need

At TransferNow, we have several plans to suit all needs. Send large files on a regular basis, either alone or with a team.

On WeTransfer, when choosing the Premium plan for one person, you pay 23€ per month. On TransferNow, if you choose our Premium plan, you pay 10 € per month.

On WeTransfer, by choosing the Premium plan for you and your employees, you pay 23€ per month per employee. On TransferNow, we offer a Team plan for small and medium-sized companies with 25 user accounts at a fixed price of 30 € per month (24 € per month with a one-time annual payment).

For large companies, WeTransfer does not have a suitable offer.

At TransferNow, we offer a customized plan based on your internal needs. Our TransferNow Enterprise plan gives you access to advanced features such as SSO single sign-on, SCIM user management and provisioning, user group creation and more.

Paid plansWeTransferTransferNow
Premium plan (1 month)23 € /month10 € /month
Premium plan (1 year)19 € /month8 € /month
Team Plan (1 month)23 € /month/per person30 € /month/in total
Team Plan (1 year)19 € /month/per person24 € /month/in total
Enterprise PlanCustom plan

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare our customization features

On WeTransfer, with a paid account, you can customize the web address used by creating a subdomain and associating a wallpaper.

At TransferNow, we offer full customization along with the option to add a subdomain and background. Create your own subdomain, integrate your logo and background to showcase your brand. Personalize by using your color codes to apply your web graphic charter. Our interface becomes your brand's interface.

On TransferNow, when you make a file transfer, you can specify a subject and customize the transfer link to make it very easy to identify at a glance.

Overview of the main featuresWeTransferTransferNow
Customized subdomain
Custom background
Personnalisation de la page de téléchargement (texte et lien, image, vidéo)
Personalized logo
(interface, email)
Customizable sharing link

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare our features for receiving files

At TransferNow, you can create fully customized forms to receive files from your website with our generator. You get a simple line of HTML code to integrate into your solution to start receiving files.

On TransferNow, you can also receive files directly to your account by sharing a receiving link. Once the files have been sent by your contact, you will receive an email notification to let you know that a file transfer has been received.

Overview of the main featuresWeTransferTransferNow
Widget to receive files from your web site
Share link to receive files directly on your account

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare our multi-user offers

WeTransfer doesn't have the right offering for medium and large companies to meet the needs of many employees, however, TransferNow offers a suite of tools to facilitate and manage a large number of users.

In TransferNow, manually add, import or synchronize your users so they can easily send or receive files of any size. With our administrative tools, create user groups and assign users to a department within your organization.

To meet the need for optimal and secure user management, TransferNow offers single sign-on (SSO) and provisioning (SCIM) for large organizations to easily synchronize users and user groups within your organization.

Tools and managersWeTransferTransferNow
User management
Manage your user groups
Manage your users' transfers
Manage the reception of files for your users
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Provisioning, synchronization (SCIM)

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare the security for your files

On WeTransfer, with a paid account, you can password-protect access to the files in a transfer. This basic feature to secure your uploads is not available on the free service of WeTransfer. With TransferNow, this feature has always been available for free to allow you to secure access to your files.

On TransferNow, in addition to locking down access to the download, your password can be used as an encryption key to make your files unreadable on our servers by anyone trying to read them, including us.

This additional security feature allows you to ensure the confidentiality of your most sensitive data.

With WeTransfer, the files you send are stored in Europe or the United States. With TransferNow, your files are stored closer to you.

We offer multiple storage regions around the world and you can choose to force a storage region based on your business requirements and security needs. Storing files closer to our users allows us to ensure optimal latency and faster upload and download speeds.

To the best of our knowledge, WeTransfer does not perform any security analysis on files that transit through their platform. At TransferNow, to protect all of our users, we perform various security scans that allow us to detect malicious files and block them from spreading to our users.

SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption
Transfer protection with password
Transfer analysis with anti-virus software
Encrypt files stored on the server side with your key/passphrase (SSE-C)
Choose the region of the world in which the files are stored

WeTransfer vs TransferNow : compare our public APIs for transferring files

On WeTransfer, sending files is easy, however activity is limited to 2 GB per file transfer and the service does not offer any alternative to integrate its solution and automate the sending of large files.

At TransferNow, we made the choice to open and offer our API to our users because we know how many constraints there are to sending and sharing large files programmatically.

No more headaches for developers! With our API/SDK, integrate our file transfer solution into your website, mobile application, SaaS solution or any other custom workflow.

In just five minutes, automate file sending with a few lines of code and gain immediate productivity. The TransferNow API is easy to implement in any solution and is suitable for all business uses.

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