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The security of your personal data is our top priority

Learn how TransferNow responsibly manages and secures your personal data by practicing data minimization. We store and use only the personal data necessary for the smooth operation of our service. Your data is under your control.

Only the information strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our secure solution

At TransferNow, the confidentiality and security of your personal data are not just a promise but a daily reality. We adopt a data minimization approach, ensuring that only the information strictly necessary to provide our services is collected and processed. Discover our commitment to protecting your privacy and how we ensure that your data remains secure and under your complete control.

Storing your information close to you

Your personal data is stored as close to you as possible to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information necessary for the smooth operation of our file transfer solution.

For instance, if you're in France, Germany, or another EU country, your personal data is stored encrypted (AES) in Europe.

Your personal data is encrypted (AES)

We provide enhanced protection for your personal information, using cutting-edge encryption methods for both the transit of your data (SSL/TLS) and its storage (advanced AES 256-bit encryption).

Moreover, we enhance security by encrypting each encryption key with a set of master keys, which are regularly updated.

Your personal data stays with TransferNow

Your privacy is respected: we do not sell or distribute your data to third parties and limit our email communications to essential service notifications, thus ensuring both security and transparency.

If you delete your TransferNow account, you effectively remove your personal data and any associated file transfers.

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