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Secure file transfer solution for companies

Thousands of companies of all sizes use TransferNow to securely exchange, share files, and collaborate. Start securing your transfers with TransferNow Enterprise today.

TransferNow Enterprise
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Send and securely share large files

No more limits imposed by traditional email servers and unreliable solutions. Our platform allows you to easily send and share large files without compromising the security of your data.

Transfer presentations, videos, images, documents of all kinds, and much more, with the guarantee of absolute privacy.

With TransferNow, you can centralize and secure the incoming and outgoing flow of files for your entire team or collaborators.

Receive and request files easily

Simplify your internal or external file receiving processes using our efficient solution. Easily receive large documents from your clients, partners, and collaborators by sharing a simple receiving link.

In addition to your file receiving link, you can create file requests to receive them directly into your user account.

But that's not all! We also offer file receiving from your website or any other solution through our customizable form generator.

Track sent and received transfers

With our solution, you can easily track the progress of your transfers. Our user-friendly and intuitive interface provides you with complete visibility into the status and tracking of each created or received transfer.

Monitor real-time downloads, recipient activities, and interactions with your files.

Never lose sight of the progress of your transfers and stay informed at every step, enabling efficient management and precise monitoring of your file exchanges.

Keep an eye on your team's activity

As a business leader or IT manager (CIO), keep an eye on the activity of your team or collaborators with our administration tools.

Easily monitor file transfers made by your team, access detailed statistics, and identify usage trends. Our platform allows you to effectively supervise workflows, improve processes, and maintain a high level of security and compliance.

Full customization

Customize the interface of our platform and reflect the visual identity of your company. Enhance your brand image by providing your clients and partners with a consistent and professional experience when sending and sharing files. Enjoy all the benefits of our solution while maintaining your unique identity.

From accessing transfers through a personalized URL to custom link names, backgrounds, and logos, every detail is designed to allow you to fully own your transfers.

Offer a unique and immersive experience from creation to recipient reception, strengthening your identity and brand recognition.

Security and authentification

Our solution provides two-factor authentication via SMS, ensuring reliable identity verification during login. Additionally, you benefit from advanced session management, a detailed security log, and support for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.

SSO authentication with Microsoft Azure AD allows your team or collaborators to access our platform using their existing company credentials, simplifying the login process and enhancing the security of your file transfers.

Automate sending or downloading with the TransferNow API

Our solution offers a powerful API that allows you to easily integrate upload, transfer, and file download functionalities into your own applications or existing systems. With the TransferNow API, you can automate and streamline file transfer processes, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

Whether it's individual or bulk transfers, our API allows you to easily manage file transfers, giving you full control over the flow of data and facilitating the integration of our solution into your existing infrastructure.

Discover the TransferNow API

A highly available and eco-friendly professional solution

With TransferNow Enterprise, files that pass through our service are stored closest to your location at Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, or OVH, companies committed to an environmentally responsible policy.

Key features of TransferNow Enterprise

Transfer and sharing :

  • Share by e-mail or link up to 250 GB per transfer
  • Files stored close to you
  • Customize a transfer link
  • Program date and time of sending
  • Program expiration date
  • Customize max. number of downloads
  • File preview (image, video, audio, document)
  • Address book
  • Groups and contact lists

Monitoring and reporting :

  • Confirmation email upon transfer upload completion
  • Confirmation email for downloads
  • Email reminder before file expiry date
  • Follow-up and tracking of downloads

File reception :

  • Reception by link sharing (push)
  • Reception from your website (widget)
  • Custom form generator

Security & authentification :

  • Password protection and encryption with your own key
  • File encryption (AES-XTS 256-bit)
  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Double authentication (SMS)
  • Double authentication (App)
  • Encryption of your personal data
  • Provisioning (SCIM)
  • Microsoft Entra ID (ex. Azure AD)
  • Google WorkspaceComing soon

Customization :

  • White label customization
  • Integration of your logo
  • Integrating wallpapers
  • Your color codes
  • Custom sub-domains
  • Customize download page (text, image and video)

Tools and management :

  • Manage your sent and received transfers
  • User management
  • Manage your user groups
  • Manage your users' transfers
  • Management and configuration of file reception

Applications, plugins et intégrations :

  • iOS application
  • Android application
  • Windows application
  • macOS application
  • Linux application
  • TransferNow API and SDK
  • Microsoft Outlook extension
  • Chrome extension
  • Firefox extensionComing soon
  • Thunderbird extensionComing soon
  • tnow-cliComing soon

Our customers approve TransferNow

    Our solution is approved by professionals, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and large companies worldwide.

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    Since 2013, TransferNow has been assisting thousands of companies worldwide to securely send and receive large files.

    Data feeds within your organization are centralized and better controlled. You enhance security for your organization while showcasing your brand image through the full customization of our solution.

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