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How to transfer and send files with TransferNow?

Select the files you want to upload and use our great tool to transfer large files in a few clicks! Transfer files via email or generate a download link for your documents. It's perfect for sending and sharing photos, videos or any other large documents.

From a security perspective, your files are stored and encrypted on disk with 256-bit AES-XTS block encryption mode. For even more security, you can add a password to secure access to the download of your transfer files and also choose to encrypt the files with that same password. Your documents then become unreadable and only the secure link protected by your password allows access.

We also work the other way around and you can receive files directly to your TransferNow account in several ways.

To learn more, follow this link : How to receive files with TransferNow

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Our File Transfer Tool in detail

  1. 1Click here to send files by email
  2. 2Click here if you want to upload files and get a private link to distribute
  3. 3Enter your email address to track your file transfer
  4. 4You can add a name to be more easily identified by your users
  5. 5Add the email address of one or more recipients
  6. 6Use your address book or contact groups (requires a user account)
  7. 7You can specify an object to make your transfer more easily identifiable
  8. 8You can also enter a message that will be visible in the download email
  9. 9From the toolbar, you can :
    • Add a password
    • choose the notifications you will receive by email
    • choose an expiration date for your files
    • postpone the availability (date and time) of your transfer
    • limit the maximum number of downloads
    • choose the location where your files will be stored
    • allow your users to stream/preview files
  10. 10Click to add files or select a folder to transfer. You can also drag and drop your files directly on our interface
  11. 11Click Transfer to start sending your files

Why use TransferNow?

TransferNow is the file transfer solution for everyday sending and receiving large files.

Our secure platform is suitable for individual or professional multi-user use (you and your collaborators).

We provide a complete suite of tools for sending or receiving (very large) files, allowing you to keep full control over your data.

Track sent or received transfers and receive an email notification when a download is detected.

Benefit from a full dashboard to create, edit, copy or delete a file transfer.

Discover our main features listed in more detail below:

A comprehensive solution for sending and receiving large files

Transfer and sharing :

  • Sharing by email or simple link
  • Link customization
  • Program date and time of sending
  • Program expiration date
  • Customize max. number of downloads
  • File preview (image, video, audio, document)
  • Address book
  • Groups and contact lists

Monitoring and reporting :

  • Confirmation email upon transfer upload completion
  • Confirmation email for downloads
  • Email reminder before file expiry date
  • Follow-up and tracking of downloads

File reception :

  • Reception by link sharing (push)
  • Reception from your website (widget)
  • Custom form generator

Security & authentification :

  • Password protection and encryption with your own key
  • File encryption (AES-XTS 256-bit)
  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Double authentication (SMS)
  • Double authentication (App)
  • Encryption of your personal data
  • Provisioning (SCIM)
  • Microsoft Entra ID (ex. Azure AD)
  • Google WorkspaceComing soon

Customization :

  • White label customization
  • Integration of your logo
  • Integrating wallpapers
  • Your color codes
  • Custom sub-domains

Tools and management :

  • Manage your sent and received transfers
  • User management
  • Manage your user groups
  • Manage your users' transfers
  • Management and configuration of file reception

Applications and plugins :

  • Windows, Linux, macOS clients
  • Android & Apple application
  • TransferNow API
  • Microsoft Outlook extension
  • Chrome extension
  • Thunderbird extensionComing soon
  • Firefox extensionComing soon
  • tnow-cliComing soon
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