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TransferNow Enterprise

TransferNow Enterprise is the ideal solution for IT managers and decision makers who want to centralize data feed exchanges (files sent and received by employees) within their company.

Benefit from being the manager of an administrator account : add, edit, delete your users and user groups at your convenience thanks to single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM provisioning. Provide your users with a TransferNow account and higher limits.

The data feeds that pass through your company are therefore centralized and better controlled. You improve security in your company while enhancing your brand image thanks to the personalization possibilities in our solution.

  • Security and confidentiality of personal data
  • Disk encryption on hard drives (AES-XTS 256 bits)
  • Manage your sent and received transfers
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
  • Integrate TransferNow in your solution

A multi-user offer developed and designed for large companies

Choose a professional solution, centralize the management, sharing and transfer of files within your company or organization. Easily import or synchronize your users and user groups with SSO single sign-on and SCIM provisioning via Microsoft Azure AD.

TransferNow but with multiple users!

An ideal solution for professional file transfer in businesses, developed for small and medium-sized businesses (VSB, SME). Centralize file sharing for your organization and improve security while enhancing your brand image.

Choose TranferNow Enterprise and create your administrator account. You alone will be in charge of billing and white label personalization.

Add users so they can instantly have a TransferNow user account associated with your account.

Take advantage of single sign-on (SSO)

Users can be added manually, using a CSV file format or by configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication with Azure AD, for example, so that users or user groups in your organization can log in directly to their user account.

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200 GB per transfer, 500 GB of storage

No transfer or storage limits

Your employees and users benefit from 50GB per transfer to send and receive files within your company.

Centralize and harmonize file sharing within your organization, improve security and enhance your brand image among your customers and other contacts.

As the administrator of a TransferNow Enterprise account, you have full user functionality as well as a transfer manager to monitor and track your users' activity. Set up our transfer form as a template for your users.

Transfer manager for full monitoring

Manage your files with a full dashboard. Access all your sent or received active file transfers and reuse them as a template for a new transfer.

It is also possible to add/edit/delete a password to protect access to your documents, temporarily enable/disable a file transfer, extend the availability of a transfer or even permanently delete a transfer as needed.

Follow-up and tracking of downloads

Be notified when a download has been detected for one of your transfers and receive technical information such as the download's country of origin and the IP address used.

Add this contact to your pending transfer
Address book and contact lists

Address book and contact lists

In order to facilitate recurring file transfers to the same contacts, an address book is available. If you have saved (manual addition or import using a CSV file) the contacts beforehand, you can simply select your personal or professional contacts to transfer files quickly.

It is also possible to create contact lists to send files directly to a predefined group of users.

Customize the interface with your colors

Create your main business subdomain (e.g. and customize your TransferNow account for all your users. Integrate your logo, backgrounds and specify your color codes to showcase your brand.

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Customize the interface with your colors
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Integrate TransferNow to your own web site

Receive files by link or directly from your solution

Configure receiving files via link sharing (push functionality) or create one or more widgets that will allow you and your users to receive files from your website or your own solution.

Build customizable forms according to your needs to receive files easily. Define the language, form fields (text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons) as well as recipients for a widget.

Take advantage of additional management tools as an administrator

As the administrator of a TransferNow Team account, you benefit from all the features provided to send and receive files. You also have a management interface for your users, and for their transfers in order to effectively monitor all the activity associated with your account.

Create user groups

In addition to a management interface for your users, you also have the ability to create user groupsthat will be associated with a predefined subdomain such as: or This feature can be very useful to dissociate different departments within the same company.

21 associated users9 associated users83 associated users
Take advantage of additional management tools as an administrator

Choose a secure and responsible solution

User security is our priority and we make every effort to ensure the integrity of personal data and files that are shared with our file transfer solution.

Your personal data is encrypted in transit using SSL/TLS protocol (https) and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption, and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a set of master keys that are regularly rotated.

Your files are stored encrypted on disk (AES-XTS 256-bit) and you can choose the storage region for your documents. Add a password to lock access to the download page of a transfer and make your password the encryption key to make your files stored at rest unreadable (even for us).

Get a tailor-made solution for your business

TransferNow Enterprise is available upon request for medium and large enterprises that have a significant volume of users.

The prices offered are on a sliding scale for a significant number of user licenses.

Contact our sales department to get a custom solution and competitive pricing.

Contact Sales
TransferNow Enterprise includes the Team features, plus:
  1. No transfer limit
  2. Customized storage
  3. Customized availability
  4. User groups
  5. Single Sign-On (SSO)
  6. Provisioning, synchronization (SCIM)

Endorsed by employees from:

  • Berlin
  • Bayphotolab
  • Hilti
  • M6
  • Snapchat
  • Sodexo
  • TF1
  • Yale

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A secure solution

The safety of your data is our priority

Where are TransferNow files hosted?

By using our service to send or receive your files you have a dedicated and secure global cloud infrastructure where files are stored and encrypted on disk (AES-XTS 256 bits) in datacenters (AICPA SOC 2 Type II) on the European, American and Asian continents.