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4 GB per transfer

Send up to 4 GB of large files per transfer by generating a link or by email to more than 20 contacts!

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TransferNow is a free sharing service without sending or download limits.

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Transfer your documents as a guest, or get benefits by creating a free account!

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Send safely and confidentially your files in a few clicks.

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Whether you are a professional or an individual, TransferNow will suit your needs and your devices! Try now on your smartphone, tablet or computer!

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Keep track of your transfers and access to a set of easy-to-use features!

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  • 4 GB
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  • Do I have to register to use the service?
  • Do I have to pay to transfer?
  • Can I recover an expired transfer?
  • Do you consult my files?
  • Do you use my email address?
  • Do you store information about me?
  • Are my data safe?
  • Do you use cookies?
  • Where are you located?
  • Where are your servers located?

No registration is required to use the service.

TransferNow is totally free, whether you use the Freemium offer or not.

Once the transfer is expired, it is automatically deleted and therefore non-recoverable.

No, we do not look at what you send, unless abuse is reported and the files do not comply with our Conditions Générales d'Utilisation.

We do not sell and do not distribute the email addresses of our users to third parties. However, we allow us to send an email to the persons who transferred recently and repeatedly in the two following situations: unavailability of the service and major changes in the service (modification of the terms, limits,...).

We store very little information about you (email, ip, language and Web browser). This information is used for security purposes and to enable us to make statistics about our users and improve our services.

We personally manage the security and confidentiality of the files that you upload. Internal data for the functionning of TransferNow are hosted by Google within data centers located in European Union (Google has of course no right to operate on these data). Finally, in order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data, all intra-site communications are made by HTTPS.

We use cookies to improve the user interface (email address auto-complete, language choice, etc.) Also, we use the statistical tool Google Analytics, which uses it own cookies (en savoir plus).

TransferNow is a French sending service. All developments are carried out in France.

All data (files and user data) are located in the European Union. The database and the website are hosted by Google (Google does not have the right of exploitation over the data). The files are hosted by LeaseWeb, in the Netherlands.

  • Which file extensions are authorized?
  • What is the maximum size of a file or of a transfer?
  • For how long will my files stay online?
  • How many times can I upload?
  • Why is the upload of files so slow?
  • Can I upload a directory?
  • Can I add a list of contacts?
  • Can I delete the uploaded files?

All file extensions are allowed by default except for hidden files (files starting with a ".").

You can upload up to 4 GB by transfer as a guest and 5 GB as a TransferNow Freemium member. There is no size limit per file. We use Gigaoctet and not Gibioctet as a file measure.

As a guest, your files stay online for 8 days by default. You can extend this period to 15 jours.
. As a free TransferNow Freemium member, your files are available 10 days by default, which can be extended to 21 days. Also, in your transfer manager, you can select the option "keep my files online for as long as they are being downloaded", which will allow you to surpass the time limits (if the file is downloaded at least once during the 48 hours prior to deletion, it will be prolonged for another 48 hours, and so on).

You can make 7 transfers per day as a guest and 25 as a member.

We do not limit the speed of file uploads. This is probably due to your internet connection. For example, with ADSL, file uploads will take on average 8 times longer that its download (asymmetric subscription​), which is not the case with fiber optics.

Currently, it is not possible to upload a folder on TransferNow. However, you can create an archive (zip., rar, ...) on your computer and then upload it.

As a guest, you can copy/paste a contact list (contacts must be separated by ";") to the "recipients" field. Email addresses will then be automatically detected.
If you have a TransferNow Freemium account, you can generate contact lists at the level of espace membre.

Transfer deletion is a feature reserved for members. If you have a TransferNow Freemium account, go to your gestionnaire de transferts!