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TransferNow add-in for your Outlook mailbox – boost productivity

Send large documents directly from your Outlook mailbox with our add-in, which integrates perfectly with your Outlook message software.

Select files, complete our form and submit. Once the upload is complete, you'll receive a link that you can easily copy or insert into your e-mail.

Explore the TransferNow add-in for Outlook, your essential tool for secure file transfers directly from your email. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Outlook, it enables you to send large files of any size, right from your inbox. Perfect for professionals in need of reliable and secure data sharing, this add-in turns your email into a powerful file transfer hub. With TransferNow for Outlook, simplify your file exchanges without leaving your email environment.

Our Outlook add-in to transfer large files

TransferNow Outlook
Screenshot of our Outlook add-on for selecting and sharing files
TransferNow Outlook
Screenshot of our Outlook add-in when the form has been validated and the upload is in progress
TransferNow Outlook
Screenshot of our Outlook add-in when your large file transfer is complete and the link is available

1. Select your files

Click to select the files or folders you wish to share.

Even more convenient, you can drag and drop your large documents directly onto the interface of our Outlook plugin.

Specify a subject and customize the download link to make the content of your transfer more easily identifiable to the recipient(s).

You can also add a password, configure download tracking, set up notifications, and enable previews.

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